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Our HSEQ policy ensures that CSC staff identify and understand potential hazards, quantify risk and implement controls to eliminate those hazards or to reduce residual risk to as low a level as reasonably practicable, in terms of:

1) The quality of services we provide to our clients and trainees.

2) The health, safety and welfare of our personnel and of any others who may be affected through our actions.

3) Our impact on the environment.

We go above and beyond to meet the needs and expectations of our clients, training candidates and accrediting bodies, while also satisfying our statutory obligations in all areas related to quality, occupational health, safety and the environment.

Our HSEQ policy is of the utmost importance to us as a company, that is why it is reviewed regularly and updated accordingly. We also ensure that our policy is clearly communicated to all CSC staff and that all necessary resources for implementing and enforcing it are readily available, with ultimate accountability resting with the Managing Director.

Our Safety Management System:

We deliver our HSEQ policy through our own specialised safety management system as described in our HSEQ Manual. This is the primary governing document for CSC International and is supported by a series of procedures, as well as detailed descriptions of operational activities and controls.

In the interest of ensuring our HSEQ policy and systems are as efficient, relevant and effective as possible, annual strategic objectives are set and communicated by the Managing Director. CSC staff then continually monitor performance against these objectives both actively and reactively.

Everyone is required to cooperate fully in the implementation of our HSEQ policy. By working together and highlighting any potential hazards or risks that appear to be inadequately controlled, and by taking remedial action where necessary to address them, we fulfil our HSEQ policy intentions and objectives.

To ensure the maximum commitment, support and involvement of all CSC personnel, and to influence attitudes and behaviours towards a safer and healthier culture, our HSEQ programme remains a primary focus for the company both now and across all future operations.

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